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Vinod Chopra (Vinney)

Multi-family Investor

Vinney Chopra - “Vinney Smiles Chopra”, an author, host of two podcasts, a mechanical engineer, a RE broker, C.E.O. of 3 companies came to the US from India with only $7 in his pocket. He sold encyclopedias and bibles door-to-door as a student. His hard work paid off when he graduated from George Washington University with an M.B.A. (In Marketing). He realized then that he would make his career in “Relationship Building and Networking” field.

He has successfully completed 27 syndications in multifamily portfolio worth over $300 million. Vinney has been a professional Fundraising Consultant and Motivational Speaker for over 35 years. He has given over 10,000 exciting speeches and seminars on Fundraising, Positive Thinking, Enthusiasm, Goal Setting, Balanced Living, and has been involved in Business Coaching.

You can reach Vinney by Texting the word “LEARN” or “SYNDICATION” to 47-47-47 or email at

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Specializes in:

  • Multi-family Investing
  • Raising Private Money
  • Real Estate Syndications

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Vinod Chopra (Vinney)'s Courses:

The Art of Syndication Course

Motivation From a Proven Investor

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