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Students Currently Taking Our Courses

Taking the 75 hour NY real estate license course online is far easier compared to taking the course in a traditional classroom setting. You will be able to complete the course in a faster period of time!

In fact, most students prefer taking the 75 hour real estate license classes online, as taking the course in a classroom will force them to abide by the school’s pre-set schedule.

The 75 hour real estate course applies to NYC and NY State.

Learn About Our 75 Hour Online Real Estate License Course

The RealEstateU 75-Hour NY real estate salesperson course is offered online!

When you take the 75-hour real estate license classes online, you will have the benefit of taking the course around your schedule.

Here is what you get when you sign up for the RealEstateU 75-hour online real estate license course:

  • Access to RealEstateU’s 75-hour NY real estate license course (Fully approved by the NY Department of State and Arello
  • Beautifully designed and engaging video lessons, taught by 21 real estate professionals.
  • 200 page downloadable PDF.
    Please note, the NY Department of State does NOT require a textbook
  • Take the 75-hour NY real estate license course anywhere using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Freedom to study at your own pace.

Note: As per the NY Real Property Law, students have 12 months to complete the 75 hour real estate course (including the final exam).

Click here to see the list of our proctored exam locations

Get Your NYS Real Estate License!

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How to Get Your Real Estate License in New York

Step 1:

Take the 75-hour New York State real estate salespersons course. The real estate license course in NY can be purchased here through RealEstateU.

Step 2:

Pass the RealEstateU proctored Final Exam.

Step 3:

Pass the State Exam.

Step 4:

Apply for your New York real estate license online through the State’s website (eAccessNY).

Fharhan Rahman

Real Estate Agent New York

Works For

Exit Premium Realty, NY

I’ve always liked taking on side gigs and I love the idea of selling properties to others. That is an excellent way to keep busy and generate additional income.

Become a Real Estate Agent Today!

Once you obtain your real estate license you will be able to start working right away in the exciting and growing real estate industry!

Mellisa Colletti

Real Estate Salesperson New York

Works For

HUNT Real Estate, NY

Thank you so much for your help over the last few weeks. I rushed to get through the course because I am so excited to start working in the field as a NYS realtor. I thought this would have a negative impact on me toward the end when I was ready to test, but I feel I retained a lot of the info and am happy with the results.

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I have decided to work with HUNT Real Estate in WNY. I am SO thankful that you were available to help me when needed and never took too long to respond (really REALLY impressive). I had a small window of time to work on the classes between working full time at my other job. I am happy that I passed the NYS exam and also that I scored so well on the Course Final Exam!

I begin working as a Realtor on Sunday February 1 (about 5 weeks after I started the course). Real estate is my true passion and I know it will become a lifetime career.
Thank you again for being a part of this journey. Your response time and support was AMAZING and I could not have been happier with the program. I will definitely recommend this course to friends who are also interested in Real Estate.

Julio Ayon

Real Estate Agent New York

I will like to take this moment to thank you for all the support you have provided with the online course. It not only was great and helped me to understand the aspects of Real Estate but also provided me with a background for thought as a lot of the questions in the exam required hard thinking since choices were not straightforward.

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I would recommend your online course to anyone that will want my opinion as the pricing was competitive and the curriculum was presented in a very animated, easy to follow and interesting way. I will be eventually subscribing for the continuing education course & eventually the broker course with you folks.

Thanks a bunch again, sincerely

Make New York Real Estate Your Future Career

As a New York real estate salesperson you will be able to be your own boss with unlimited earning potential!

New York real estate agents earn a commission-based income, which means every time you close a deal you will earn a percentage of the sales price. The more deals you close, the more money you will earn...without any limits!

The great thing about having a real estate license in New York is that you can make money in a number of different ways.

Become a Real Estate Agent Today!

Once you obtain your New York real estate license, you will be able to sell or rent single-family homes or apartments, sell or lease office buildings, and even sell retail buildings, self storage facilities, factories...any type of real estate throughout New York State or New York City.

If you are considering buying or selling your own home, you can save money on the transaction since you will be entitled to a commission.

Or, maybe you only want to use your license part-time and do deals on the side….perhaps only doing deals for friends and family members.

The choice is yours!

Now is your chance to become a realtor in NYC or New York State! Click here to get started

Genevieve O'Brian

Real Estate Salesperson New York

Works For

Keller Williams, NY

When I decided I wanted to join Keller Williams, I had to take a licensing course. I knew I needed an online course because I would be working full time until I completed the course and took the State test, and would not be able to attend a class in person.

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I found RealEstateU and thought it had to be too good to be true. But as I researched online real estate courses, RealEstateU kept coming up as the one that would fit me best. And, obviously it worked! I passed the course and school test with high grades and passed the State exam on my first try!

I have already, and will continue to recommend RealEstateU to anyone who asks how I did it because RealEstateU made learning the information fun and has interesting instructors. I liked that I could pause it to take notes as I needed and that I didn’t have to buy a textbook as an added expense. I appreciate that RealEstateU made available the charts and diagrams for printing as well as creating an easy to read glossary.

Additionally, RealEstateU has done a very nice job breaking up the course in a logical manner making the ability to start and stop a module easy and convenient. I also want to acknowledge the staff that was so very patient with me and all of my questions! The support I have received has been amazing. All of my questions were answered quickly and in such a way that I could easily understand the first time and didn’t require further explanation. I begin my training with Keller Williams next week and I know that it is because of RealEstateU that I was able to reach my goal so quickly.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you!

Fharhan Rahman

Real Estate Agent New York

Works For

Coldwell Banker,NY

I wanted to get a real estate license after seeing an agent my family and I chose for a house we were interested in. I told myself I could be much better at Real Estate than the individual that was showing us the property. I’ve always like taking on side gigs and I love the idea of selling properties to other. That is an excellent way to keep busy and generate additional income.

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My first and foremost goal is to overcome the learning curve. We don’t let doctors jump into taking care of patients and so Real Estate should be no exception! I want to learn the ropes of Real Estate, generate a stable amount of sales a year and ultimately be successful enough to have my own brokerage.

To start my journey as a real estate agent I chose RealEstateU as my real estate school. I liked that the course provided quizzes at the end of each chapter. This forced me to actually study and pay attention. The course is designed in such a way that it enabled me to study at my own pace while continuing my full time job (and life). That was very important for me.

I studied for the state exam using the “Pass the NY State Exam” course/study guide that RealEstateU offers. The course was very in depth, informative and straight to the point. There were plenty of practice tests to reinforce what I learned. I spent quite some time looking at the questions I got wrong and studied them. It is great that I did that given that many of the things I studied for were on the test!.

For future and current students – STUDY THE VOCABULARY! It’s critical. Don’t just study it word for word. Understand the principles behind it. For example, don’t just study the definition of “property management”. Understand what the functions of a property manager is, what reports they generate, how they operate a property, etc. These details are all highlighted clearly in the course!

If you know the concepts, you WILL be fine. Learn well all the concepts and you’re guaranteed to succeed. Don’t let others’ failure determine your fate so don’t given in to negative feedback from other students. You will do fine if you study properly. Definitely invest into the REU study guide. It was super helpful.

A Career Change Is Easy With the New York State 75 Hour Real Estate Courses

The great news is you can start your real estate career without a college degree or any prior experience!

Real estate is one of the very few professions where you can make a career change in a very short amount of time and not be stuck with thousands of dollars in student loans!

Now let’s compare this to getting a college degree….

A bachelor's degree will cost you tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) and you have to spend 4 years earning your degree. Even then there is no guarantee of getting a job!

Become a Real Estate Agent Today!

A real estate career, on the other hand, will only cost you a few hundred dollars and you can get your license in a matter of weeks (not years). Also, many brokers will be eager to hire you right from the start!

Are you looking to work in NYC?
New York City is one of the biggest real estate markets in the world, which means the opportunities today are endless! You can also read more about this on our RealEstateU Blog.

The 75-hour real estate course NYC is the first step towards your NYC real estate career.

Do you live outside of NYC?
Click here to get started with the 75-hour real estate course NY

Course Completion Time

  • Students have 12 months from time of purchase to complete the course.
  • If the course expires prior to completion, students will have to re-purchase the course and start from the beginning.

Refund Policy

All courses are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase, and only if the student has not completed more than 50% of the course. Any refunds issued are subject to a $20 admin charge. Please feel free to read our Terms and Conditions.

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