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Florida Real Estate License Online

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The fastest and most affordable way to get your real estate license in Florida. Here you'll learn:

  • How To Get Your FL License Online
  • What's Included In Our Courses
  • Why You Should Get Your License
  • General Information About the Florida Real Estate License Online Course
  • FAQ's
  • Articles For Further Education

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Make a smart professional move and get your online real estate license. Becoming a real estate agent gives you freedom, higher earning power, and control over your own career. Real estate agents work for themselves and build their own businesses. They make their own schedules based on the work that needs to be done, not someone else’s idea of when the office should be busy. It’s a people-first industry where you meet with clients, show properties, and face new challenges head-on.

Earning your real estate license in FL online is one of the fastest ways to become a real estate agent and start your new career. An online real estate course is easier to fit around your lifestyle. You can earn your real estate license if you’re working full-time, part-time, completing a college degree, raising a family, or you want to get started as quickly as possible.

Online learning is flexible and affordable. Instead of worrying about getting to class on time, you have more time to complete coursework, study, and prepare for your exam. There’s more information on our FAQ page about the details of earning your Florida real estate license online.

How to Get a Real Estate License Online

In the state of Florida, you must be at least 18 years of age with proof of high school graduation or equivalent to earn your license.

Step #1
You must complete the 63-hour Salesperson course before you can apply to take the state licensing exam.

At the end of the course is a non-proctored final exam. Once you pass the final exam you will immediately get your Certificate of Completion for the course.

Step #2
You must get your fingerprints taken at an approved LiveScan Service Provider.

Your fingerprints will be used to conduct a background check for any prior criminal activity.

The cost to get your fingerprints taken ranges from $50 - $80, depending on which LiveScan location you use.

Please note that your fingerprints are only valid for up to 180 days.

Step #3
After you complete the 63-hour pre-license course, you must apply to the Florida Division of Real Estate (DRE) for authorization to take the state licensing exam.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an Authorization Letter from PearsonVUE, the state testing center which administers the exam.

Once you receive your Authorization Letter, you can then schedule your state exam by calling Pearson VUE at (888)204-6289, or go online at

Step #4
The State licensing exam must be taken in-person at a Pearson VUE testing center.
The State licensing exam includes about 45 questions on real estate law, about 45 questions on principles of real estate, and about 10 questions on real estate mathematics.
The sales associate exam is graded with a maximum of 100. A candidate scoring 75 points or higher will have successfully completed the examination.
State exam test-takers are allowed 3.5 hours to finish the exam.

Step #5
Once you pass the state licensing exam and complete your background check, you will be able to download and print your inactive Florida real estate sales associate license online through the DBPR website.

In order to be eligible to receive an active Florida real estate sales associate license, you must have an employing Florida real estate broker.

You can apply for your active Florida real estate sales associate license online using the DBPR’s Online Services, or by submitting a paper application.

The application fee is $83.75.

Hear About RealEstateU’s Recent Success Stories

Jennifer Carlman-Leising

Real Estate Agent in Texas

Works For

Keller Williams Plano, TX

My husband spotted the Real Estate U Groupon deal and he said I should look into it. Honestly at first I thought it had to be too good to be true. But after reading reviews and doing some research I said: “What the heck?!” For the price I really didn’t have much to lose.

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I’m so happy I took the leap of faith! I loved the audible learning and that I could literally bring it with me wherever I went! I finished in 3 months! Trust me when I say if I can do it you can do it. I’m a very busy mother of 3 and they all have extracurricular activities, but somehow I buckled down and finished.

I did take a live test prep class at a local real estate school just to cover all bases. I reviewed all the quizzes from all the chapters to prepare. My advice would be to take your time when you test. I was so nervous but I took my time because I knew the material I just had to take my time!
Passing on my first try felt amazing!

I would not be here had I not had the amazing opportunity to complete the real estate licensing course via Real Estate U! I highly recommend the Real Estate U course. In fact my oldest son has decided to take the course as well!

Frank Contreras

Real Estate Agent in Texas

Works For

Century 21 APD Associates, El Paso, TX

I am currently working as a part time real estate agent for Century 21 APD Associates, in the beautiful city of El Paso, Texas. I wanted to get into real estate to become my own boss and I am looking forward to building a 6 figure income. I closed my first deal in October and looking to close on my second this December.

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To obtain my license I chose RealEstateU. The courses were extremely helpful in passing state and national exam on my first try. I like the fact that I could study at my pace and I was able use my mobile to access my courses when on the road or when waiting on doctor appointments with my children.

I was able to go back and listen again and again to the parts that I did not get from the beginning. This is something that wouldn't have been provided by being in a classroom setting. If you are looking to obtain your license just be persistent and don't give up on your dream! I was able to invest in this course and more than tripled my return on the first home which I sold short after I obtained my real estate license.

If this is something you think you'll enjoy try it out and take the risk. Why not risk on something that has the potential to double or triple your income on the side. Jump on the opportunity of getting your license, which honestly is the easy part. And then go all in on the process helping clients and customers get what they want, which is a great home buying/selling experience.

Candice Jackson Tate

Real Estate Agent in Texas

Works For

LIV Realty in Frisco, TX

I (still am) a licensed auto insurance claims adjuster for a major insurance company. I held that position for 7.5 years. My family dynamic was changing and myself or my husband needed to be home more for our blended family of 5 children.

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Real Estate allows me to regulate my schedule so I can dedicate time to my children and their activities. I will be working for LIV Realty in Frisco, TX and will be working full-time. My goals moving forward are to continue learning, networking and growing towards my own business. I plan on becoming a broker one day.

I loved the ease of the course. I was able to navigate easily and picked up where I left off each day. If I had any questions I received a response back very quickly from the RealEstateU support team. I was able to study and retain information easily. The workbook and the glossary were easy to follow and allowed me to print them to take with me in the event that I was not able to use my laptop. I loved that the course was accessible from a cell phone as well. We had a planned trip across the United States and I was able to study on my cell phone as we travelled 9 states. I have already recommended the course to a few of my friends!

Melissa Colletti

Real Estate Salesperson New York

Works For

Keller Williams Realty Lancaster, NY

Thank you so much for your help over the last few weeks. I rushed to get through the course because I am so excited to start working in the field as a NYS realtor. I thought this would have a negative impact on me toward the end when I was ready to test, but I feel I retained a lot of the info and am happy with the results.

Buy Our PDF Course Textbooks & Appendixes

You can purchase the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Course textbook as a separate PDF bundle.

This allows you to study the course material off-line and even print lessons as you wish.

Please note, the PDF textbook is charged separately and the cost is not included in the course package. In addition, the textbook is not meant to replace the licensing course itself. In order to earn your Certificate of Completion for the 63-hour course, you must complete the course through RealEstateU's learning management system.

The course PDF textbook consist of the following:

  • Text / audio transcripts
  • All the course infographics and supporting documents
  • Key terms each student must know to pass both the final and state exam


Get the FL Licensing Course Book

Florida Real Estate Commission
Approval Number - 0023718

This course bundle includes everything you need to fulfill the State’s 63-hour education requirement

What’s Included in Your Course​

Sign up for the Florida real estate license courses with RealEstateU and you get access to an affordable and flexible way to prepare for your exam. The online course includes:

Audio Lessons on Demand

  • Complete the 63-hour Florida real estate salespersons course online whenever you want. With on-demand audio lessons broken down into easily-managed lessons, you can listen on-the-go wherever, whenever.

Audio Transcripts

  • Whether you prefer to learn by reading or you want to save time while you prepare for the exam, the audio transcripts give you quick and easy access to course material without having to go through the audio lessons again.

Beautifully Designed Infographics

  • Graphically explained key concepts help you quickly prepare for exams and absorb information.

Course Glossary

  • The course comes with a PDF of the entire course glossary that will help you as you work through the course and when you’re preparing for the exam.

Course Final Exams

  • The final exam is non-proctored, but it is password protected.
  • Earn your Certificate of Completion immediately after passing the final exam.

Download the FL Course Syllabus

  • You can quickly download the Florida real estate license course syllabus from the icon below.
Download FL Syllabus

Start the Florida Real Estate Salesperson Course Today!

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Why You Should Get Your Florida Real Estate License

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to get yourself into business? Would you like to make your own hours, raise extra money, become a real estate investor, or save money when you and your family purchase property? Would you like to make a quick, affordable career change? There are so many excellent reasons to get a real estate license in Florida.

Florida has some of the fastest growth rates in the United States. The population is increasing and the real estate market is expanding. Appreciation rates for property have been rapid over the last few years and there are growing incentives for those who receive their property license in Florida throughout the state.

Becoming a real estate agent is not the only financial incentive to obtain a license. You can save money by purchasing houses, helping your friends and family to buy a new home, or pursuing a career in a related field where real estate experience can get you ahead.

If you want to experience better earnings and more independence, it's time to sign up for your Florida online real estate license.

Start Your Business

Once you have earned your Florida Real Estate License, you need the right tactics to make your company a success. With no boss but yourself, it's up to you to remain inspired to find new clients by networking, marketing, and follow-up. You 're going to need a lot of communication skills , attitude, and pay attention to your presentation. Yet time management is the most important attribute of a good realtor. You 're going to have to learn how to juggle multiple tasks at once.

The benefit of going into business for yourself is that your time is your own, your winnings are your own, and when you excel, you see direct benefits. Don’t wait around for your manager to give you a promotion. You can launch a career where you're in charge of it.

General Information About The Florida Online Course & Exam

Course Structure

Here is how the course is structured:

  • The 63-hour Florida Real Estate License Online course primarily consists of audio lectures.
  • The course begins with an orientation.
  • The course consists of chapters, which are further broken down into lessons.
  • Lessons primarily consist of an audio lecture with related key terms below. Lessons may also include an infographic/diagram or a supporting document.
  • At the end of each chapter is a multiple choice quiz. You must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly in order to advance to the next chapter.
  • After completing the last chapter in the course, you will be eligible to take the course final exam.
  • The final exam is non-proctored, but it is password protected. You will be provided with the final exam password when it is time to take your exam.
  • After passing the final exam, you will receive your Certificate of Completion.

Final Exam Procedures

The course final exam can conveniently be taken online from the comfort of your own home.

Here is what you need to know about the course final exam:

  • The final exam is non-proctored.
  • The final exam includes 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • Passing Grade: 70%
  • You have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • In order to access the final exam, a password is required. You will be provided with the final exam password when it is time to take your exam.
  • You must pass the final exam prior to your course expiration date .

Course Completion Time

Students have 6 months from the time of purchase to complete the course (63 hours in total) including the final exam.

Refund Policy

All courses are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase, and only if the student has not completed more than 50% of any one of the two courses. However, any refunds issued are subject to a $20 admin charge. Please feel free to read our Terms and Conditions.

Top 3 FAQs On Getting Your License In Florida

Can I take the Florida pre-license course if I'm still in High School?

Yes, an individual can take the pre-license course but cannot apply for licensure with the State of Florida until they reach 18 years of age.

How can I take the 63-hour Florida real estate salespersons course?

According to Florida Statute 475.17 (2)(a)(2), the real estate schools authorized by the Florida Real Estate Commission have the option of providing classroom courses, distance learning courses, or both.

Can I take the 63-hour Florida real estate salespersons course online?

According to Florida Statute 475.17 (2)(a)(2), distance learning courses must be approved by the FREC. Satisfactory completion of a distance learning course includes a timed examination. The final exam is not monitored or given at a centralized location.