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Easily Pass the Maryland State Exam

Say hello to your "Cliff Notes" for the MD real estate exam.
Our study guide targets the specific information needed to pass the exam.
Move between the lessons to target what you want to study.
Pinpoint the essential concepts on the MD National and State exam.
Be ready for the exam with six practice tests.

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Reduce Exam Study Time by 90%

Stop worrying

Walk into your Maryland real estate exam feeling positive about your preparation. The Maryland real estate exam prep lessons cover the crucial material tested on the National and State exams, cutting your study time by 90%. We’ve teased out the essential concepts likely to be found on your exam.

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Maryland Real Estate Exam Prep

Easy Preparation

  • Focus on the exam material you need to know.
  • Discover potential Maryland real estate exam questions.
  • Take the lessons in any order to pinpoint the content that matters to you most.
  • Receive a summary of the content taught during the Online Maryland Real Estate Salesperson License Course.
  • The Maryland Real Estate Exam Prep course offers an easy to follow "Cliff Notes" for the MD real estate exam.
  • Our prep course is designed to target vital concepts tested on the National and State exam.
  • Measure your understanding with 6 practice tests: 3 for the national exam and 3 for the state exam.
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Who is the Maryland Real Estate Exam Prep Course for?

Many students pass the Maryland real estate salesperson pre-licensing course only to realize when it’s time for the state real estate exam that they forgot a lot of information. This course is right for you if you are asking:

  • Am I truly ready for my real estate exam?
  • What exam information should I study?
  • What do I need to know for the national exam section?
  • What do I need to know for the state exam section?
  • Is everything from the pre-licensing course on the exam?
  • Will there be math?
  • How tough are the exams?
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Key Concepts

Every lesson targets the most important terms and pre-licensing course information to help you prepare for your Maryland real estate exam. Make your preparation easier by having a study guide handy!

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