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FAQ: How long does it take to get my AZ real estate license?

How long does it take to get my AZ real estate license?

The time required to achieve your Arizona real estate salesperson's license will vary from person to person. Here is a potential timeline for how long it could take to earn your Arizona real estate salesperson license:

Step 1: Complete the required 90-hour AZ pre-license course.

- Most students take the course online so they can complete the course at their pace.

- An online course can be faster to complete than an in-person class.

- Finishing your 90-hour course can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on how quickly you complete the course online.

Step 2: Schedule and take the State exam.

- You can schedule your exam through or by calling (888) 405-5776

- Scheduling the exam can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on availability at the testing centers.

Step 3: Get an AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card

-All applicants must get their fingerprints taken and secure a Fingerprint Clearance Card (FCC) before applying for their license.

-According to their site, an applicant with no criminal history could be processed in less than ten days.

- The process to receive your FCC could take 8-10 weeks.

- Apply as soon as you pass your 90-hour pre-license course.

Step 4: Take the 6-hour Contract Writing Course

-Once you have passed the state exam, you will need to take a 6-hour Contract Writing Course before you can apply for your license.

-Completing your 6-hour course could take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on when and where you take the course.

Step 5: Apply for your license

- You can submit the application as soon as you have your course completion certificates, Fingerprint Clearance Card, and official exam score report. The ADRE does not offer a process time estimate, but assume 2-4 weeks.

Step 6: Be Hired and Get Activated

You will need to be hired by an Arizona licensed real estate broker. Once your application is approved, your real estate broker will activate your license, and you can begin transacting real estate.

Total Time: 6-12 weeks

As you see, it’s possible to have your real estate license within six weeks. How quickly you earn your license will depend on when you complete your course, pass the exam, clear the

fingerprint check, apply for the license, and get hired by a broker.

Related Questions

How do I get my Arizona real estate salesperson's license?

You can earn your Arizona salesperson license in seven steps. Start by completing your 90-hour pre-license course. Next, apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card and schedule your AZ state exam. After passing, take the 6-hr Contract Writing Course. Apply for your license and get hired by an AZ broker.

How much does it cost to get my AZ salesperson's real estate license?

The total cost to earn your Arizona real estate salesperson’s license is $569.95. Your pre-license course with RealEstateU costs $299. The state exam is $75, and your license application is $60. A Fingerprint Clearance Card is $69, plus an optional fee. The Contract Writing course could cost $59.

How long does it take to get my AZ real estate license?

You can get your AZ license in approx. 6 weeks 1.Complete the 90-hour pre-license course online: 2-6 weeks 2.Receive a Fingerprint Clearance Card: 2-10 weeks 3.Schedule and pass the AZ state exam: 1-3 weeks 4.Pass 6-hr contract writing: 1 week 5.Apply for your license and be hired by a broker to activate it. 2-6 weeks

What tests do I need to take to get my AZ real estate license?

Every real estate salesperson applicant in Arizona who is not applying with an out-of-state license will need to take the 90-hour pre-license salesperson course. This course ends with a final exam that you will need to pass to get the course completion certificate. You will need to take and pass the AZ salesperson exam

Can I complete the application for an AZ salesperson's license online?

Yes. Online filing is the fastest and recommended way to apply for your Arizona real estate salesperson license.

When can I take the Arizona 6-hour Contract Writing Class?

You can take the 6-hour Contract Writing Course after successfully completing your 90-hour pre-license salesperson course and passing your state exam. You must take the course before you can apply for your Arizona salesperson's license. The course must be administered by a state approved education provider.

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