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FAQ: Who do I contact if I have a question about the NC state exam?

Who do I contact if I have a question about the NC state exam?

For questions or requests for more information about the exam itself, you can refer to the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina handbook or you can contact PSI directly at 800-733-9267 or online at

Related Questions

If I am a non-resident are there additional steps to schedule my exam?

As an agent licensed in another state, you must be affiliated with a firm and principal broker licensed in NC. When making your license application to gain approval for taking the state exam, you will need to send specific documentation to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, preferably through its online form.

If I fail my exam will I know what areas I need to focus for a retake?

Yes, you will be provided with a detailed, written analysis of your test results, broken down by section and subsection, which should be useful in preparing to retake the exam.

I failed my NC state licensing exam. What do I do now?

If you fail one or both sections of your exam, you may reschedule your exam and pay the corresponding fees directly through PSI, granted you are within the 180-day examination eligibility period. You will be able to pay the combined fees and will not need to complete a completely new license application.

How long will it take for the testing center to issue my test results?

You will learn your score immediately after you have finished the exam. You will receive separate pass/fail results for each section. If you fail the national section, you will be advised of your results for each of the 11 subsections.

Do I need to take the NC state exam if I’m licensed in another state?

Yes, but you will only need to pass the state portion of the NC state license exam before submitting your application and a certified license history. You will need to complete the post-licensing education requirement, unless you get it successfully waived by demonstrating you have completed equivalent coursework.

How far ahead of time should I arrive for my NC exam appointment?

You should plan to arrive at the test center a minimum of 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time. This will allow time for you to check-in and receive instructions on taking the exam. If you are late for your scheduled exam time, you will not be admitted and will forfeit your exam fee.

May I bring a calculator to my exam for a provisional broker license?

You may bring a battery-operated, silent calculator for use during the exam, but it cannot be programmable and must not have a keyboard containing the alphabet nor paper-tape printing capabilities.

Can I bring a snack or bottle of water to my NC test?

You may not. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the test center. You may take a break whenever you wish, but you will not be given additional time to make up for time lost.

What items may I take into my NC state licensing exam appointment?

You are prohibited from taking any personal items into the testing center. PSI is not responsible for any personal items, including those put into secure storage. Personal items should be left in or returned to, your vehicle prior to taking the exam.

What are considered acts of misconduct when taking the NC state exam?

If you were to engage in any of the specific conduct during your exam, you could be dismissed from taking the test, and your exam would not be scored or reported. Also, your exam fee would not be refunded.

What security procedures are there during the NC state examination?

PSI has numerous security procedures in place during the examination. All applicants must adhere to specific requirements when taking the exam.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the NC state exam?

For questions or requests for more information about the exam itself, you can refer to the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina handbook or you can contact PSI directly at 800-733-9267 or online at

May I take a pencil and paper into my NC state licensing exam?

You will be provided with a pencil and piece of scratch paper to use by the test center. You must return the paper to the supervisor once you have finished the exam or you will not receive your score report. You will not be allowed to bring any notes, papers or documents into the test center.

How do I pay for the North Carolina state licensing exam?

PSI accepts major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. You can also pay by cashier’s check or money order made payable to PSI. You will need to pay for your exam at the time you schedule it.

What is the cost of the North Carolina state licensing exam?

The fee for the exam is $64, whether you are taking only the state-specific portion or both portions of the exam. The registration fees are not refundable nor are they transferable. If you need to retake the exam or a portion of the exam, you will need to pay the $64 exam fee and the $100 application fee again.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my NC state licensing exam?

You can schedule your exam session as much as 6 weeks in advance, if you prefer. Your best opportunity for getting an appointment on your preferred date is to contact PSI about 4 to 6 weeks before your preferred testing date.

Who administers the state exam for a NC provisional broker license?

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission has contracted with PSI Examination Services (PSI) to schedule and administer the broker license exam program. PSI offers the state exam through a network of computer examination centers in North Carolina. PSI also offers remote online proctoring for the exam.

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