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FAQ: When is a Missouri real estate license required?

When is a Missouri real estate license required?

A real estate license is needed to perform real estate activities except as noted below (Missouri Statute 339.010(7)):

· Any individual or legal entity (partnership, association, or corporation) who owns the property and performs any real estate activity (as defined by Missouri Statutes 339.010 – 330.180, plus Missouri Statutes 229.710 – 339.860).

· Any licensed attorney who is a member of the bar.

· Any auction professional who has been hired by the owner of a property to perform their professional services.

· Any individual who, in a professional capacity is:

  • The trustee or the receiver in a bankruptcy process.
  • An executor or administrator performing in accordance with a court order, or the authorized instruction from a valid will, trust, or deed.
  • A witness in a judicial matter.
  • Any individual who is employed by an agent or an owner of real property who performs the following activities:
  • Delivering and/or receiving applications, amendments, payments, and security deposits related to leases on behalf of the owner/agent.
  • Showing a rental property (or the execution of a lease) to any individual under the direction of an employer who is an agent or owner.
  • Transmitting information that has been prepared by an agent/broker/owner regarding a lease, the security deposit, or monthly payment.
  • Facilitating the administrative and maintenance functions required to maintain an agent/owner’s real estate.

· Any individual who represents a state or federal agency while performing official duties.

· Any individual who is an employee/officer of a public utility or railroad that is governed by the State of Missouri, unless the activity includes the sale, lease, purchase, or exchange of real estate that is unrelated to the employee’s regular course of business.

· Any employee or officer of a lending institution, bank, trust, insurance company, or credit union (among other entities) organized under the laws of the State of Missouri who, as a regular course of the business, engages in real estate activity and conduct.

· Any periodical (magazine, website) that is regulated by the FCC where the advertising of real estate is only incidental to its business operations.

· Any individual employed as a developer selling land that is owned by the State of Missouri.

· Any individual representing a nonprofit organization, provided that the legal entity:

  • Does not offer to perform real estate activities on behalf of another individual.
  • Does not offer to list real estate on behalf of another individual.
  • Does not receive fees or commission (or any other type of compensation) for real estate activities related to the sales, purchase, or lease of real property.

· Any homeowners’ or neighborhood association (as defined by Missouri Statute 441.50) that provides – without any compensation – information regarding the neighborhood to potential renters or buyers. This includes information provided on the internet or in newsletters.

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What can I do with my Missouri real estate license?

According to the Missouri Real Estate Commission, a sales associate is any individual or legal entity that for another and compensation (or in expectation of being compensated).

When is a Missouri real estate license required?

A real estate license is needed to perform real estate activities except as noted below (Missouri Statute 339.010(7)).

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