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FAQ: What must I do to earn AZ pre-license course completion certificate?

What must I do to earn AZ pre-license course completion certificate?

To earn your pre-license course completion certificate, you must attend the 90-hour course and pass its final exam.

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How do I receive my AZ Course Completion Certificate?

Your pre-approved course provider will provide you with your course completion certificate once you have successfully completed the final exam. The Certificate will be available to download after logging into your RealEstateU account.

Where can I find approved Arizona pre-license course providers?

To find your pre-approved course provider, visit Arizona's Department of Real Estate website and search for the course you need. The website also enables you to search by school name, location, and school number.

How do I take the 6-hour AZ Contract Writing Class?

You can find an approved course provider for the 6-hour Contract Writing class through the Arizona Department of Real Estate website. You can search by school name, school number, location, and course.

What course am I required to take to get an AZ salesperson license?

The state requires you to take a 90-hour pre-license salesperson course. After passing the state exam, you will also need to complete a 6-hour Contract Writing Course before you submit your real estate license application.

How many hours of education are required to get an AZ license?

In total, you will need 96 hours of education to meet Arizona's real estate license requirements. Ninety of these hours are the Arizona state pre-licensure course. The next six hours are for the required Contract Writing Course that you must take before applying for your license.

How can I take the 90-hour AZ real estate license course?

You can take the 90-hour Arizona real estate pre-license course in person or through an online course. Many applicants prefer online so they can work on the content on their schedule. Either way, you must take the course from a state pre-approved education provider.

Can I take the 90-hour AZ real estate license course online?

Yes, you can take the Arizona pre-license course online as long as it is offered through a pre-approved education provider. Taking the course online enables you to work through the content at your own pace and schedule.

Can I take the AZ pre-license course if I'm still in high school?

Yes, because Arizona does not stipulate any high school diploma or GED requirements, you could take the 90-hour pre-license course while you are still in high school. Do keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years of age when you apply for your real estate license.

Can I use my law degree credits towards the AZ pre-license course?

Unfortunately, law school credits do not count towards your Arizona pre-license course. All applicants must take the 90-hour course.

Can I use my college credits towards the AZ pre-license course?

No, college credits do not count towards the Arizona pre-license course. You will still need to take the 90-hour course.

Does the AZ salesperson pre-license course have a final exam?

Yes, the Arizona 90-hour pre-license course has a final exam that you must pass to receive your course completion certificate.

What must I do to earn AZ pre-license course completion certificate?

The Minnesota Real Estate Commission does not specify license applicants to have a high school diploma or GED.

How does the ADRE know that I have completed the pre-license course?

When you make your real estate salesperson license application, one of the documents you must provide is an official score report showing that you successfully passed the pre-license course. You must also bring this course completion certificate to your state exam as evidence you have met the education requirement.

Will my school notify the ADRE that I have completed my courses?

No. It is your responsibility to submit official course completion certificates to the Arizona Department of Real Estate showing that you completed your required courses. It is a required step in your real estate salesperson license application.

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