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FAQ: What is the difference between an active and inactive MD license?

What is the difference between an active and inactive MD license?

An active real estate license says that you are legally able to help residential or commercial clients in the purchase, sale, lease, or management of real property and earn a commission for your efforts. An inactive license means you have met the requirements of the Maryland Real Estate Commission to hold a real estate license, but you are not legally able to help in real estate transactions and be compensated for your work.

Related Questions

What are the requirements to apply for an MD real estate license?

First, you must be at least 18 years of age to hold a Maryland real estate license. You must also be in good standing and have a good character. Otherwise, you must first complete the 60-hour pre-license education course and pass the state licensing exam before you can apply for a Maryland real estate license.

How do I apply for my Maryland real estate salesperson license?

Maryland offers an online application portal. After passing the state exam, you’ll receive an email with your registration number and instructions. If you have been convicted of a criminal offense or had a disciplinary action against a prior professional real estate license - you need to request a paper application.

Can I apply online for the MD real estate salesperson license?

Yes! All applicants with no prior criminal history or disciplinary action against a real estate license will need to use the online application portal to submit their application.

How much is the MD real estate salesperson license application?

The cost of your license application fee is $90. That fee includes the $20 Guaranty Fund payment.

When should I file my license application with the MD Commission?

You have one year from the date of passing your state licensing exam to file your license application. It's in your best interest not to delay the process. Complete your application as soon as you are hired by a sponsoring Maryland broker or request an active real estate license before your year is up.

Can I get an MD salesperson license if I don't work for a broker?

You can't receive an active real estate license without being hired by a Maryland licensed real estate broker. Your license application will ask for your employing broker's information.

How do I receive an inactive MD real estate license?

When you submit your license application online, you can request an inactive license. No affiliation with a Maryland license broker is required. However, you also cannot perform licensed real estate activities.

How do I receive an active Maryland real estate salesperson license?

You must meet all of the requirements set by the Maryland Real Estate Commission, such as completing 60 hours of pre-license education and passing the state exam, plus pay your real estate license fee. All salespersons must work under the supervision of an employee licensed broker.

How do I change from an inactive to an active MD license?

Once you have been issued a license, it will be managed online. You'll have to log on to the licensing portal and request to change your status. You can find the option under the Features section.

What’s the difference between a MD salesperson and a broker license?

A salesperson's license means that you are able to assist in the purchase and sale of real estate in the state of MD. You are required to work under a broker’s supervision. A real estate broker license enables you to hire others to work for you in the business of real estate and to operate your own brokerage agency.

Where can I check my MD salesperson license application status?

Log back into the Maryland Department of Labor licensing portal to see your application status. You can also do a license search to see if you have been issued an active license.

What is the difference between an active and inactive MD license?

The main difference between an active and inactive license is that you are able to be compensated for your work in a real estate transaction with an active license. You cannot legally be paid for helping with the purchase or sale of real estate with an inactive license.

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