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Self Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

Unlock the Hidden Power of Investing in Real Estate with Self Directed IRAs. Many IRA owners would like to invest in your real estate deals, just show them how. 

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Found Real Estate Deals with Self Directed IRA

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About the Course

Investing Self Directed IRA funds in real estate is one of the easiest ways to obtain financing for your deals.

Did you know that you can use your Self Directed IRA funds to invest in real estate? 90% of IRA owners don’t know the potential of their IRA funds. This is the greatest time in real estate history funding. If you wondered where you will find private money to finance your deals, the answer is simple…Self Directed IRA Real Estate.

Tom Phelan will show you the secrets and untapped potential of Self-Directed IRA. If you are a real estate syndicator (trying to raise money for your deals) this course is a must for you!

What you will learn

  • The history and FUTURE of Self Directed IRAs
  • How you can take advantage of IRAs
  • Case study of a deal that was purchased using IRAs
  • How to raise money from private investors who invest using IRAs
  • How to work closely with IRA Custodians
  • Potential of Self-Directed IRAs as a powerful funding source

Self Directed IRA Real Estate

If you are interested to know how to find all the funding you need for your real estate deals

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What you will be able to do by the end of the course

You will be able to see the opportunity of using IRAs to purchase investment properties. You will also know how to raise money from investors using self directed IRAs.

Who should take this course?

Any investor who doesn’t have enough money to close on good deals they see in their market.

Course Outlines

Unlock the Hidden Power of Self Directed IRAs

Module 1
The History of IRA and Various Types of IRAs
Unit 1
What You Will Learn In This Course
Unit 2
History of IRA
Unit 3
Traditional IRA
Unit 4
Unit 5
Self Directed IRA
Unit 6
Self Directed IRA Custodians
Unit 7
Checkbook Controlled Self Directed IRA
Module 2
Retirement Options Beyond the Traditional and Roth IRA Plans
Unit 1
What You Will Learn In This Module
Unit 2
The Simple IRA vs SEP IRA
Unit 3
SEP Rules For The Self Employed
Unit 4
Individual 401(k)
Unit 5
Qualifying For An Individual 401(k)
Unit 6
Costs Of Creating An Individual 401(k)
Module 3
Buying Real Estate Investment Properties With Your IRA
Unit 1
IRAs That Allow You to Buy Real Estate
Unit 2
Investing in Real Estate With a Checkbook Self Directed IRA
Unit 3
Checkbook Controlled Self Directed IRA & Financing

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