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FAQ: How to find the Groupon voucher?

How to find the Groupon voucher?

To find the 8 digit Groupon voucher number, please follow these steps:
1. Log into your Groupon account at
2. At the top right corner you will see your name. Click on your name and then click on “My Groupons.”
3. Find the deal for RealEstateU that you purchased. From there you will see an option to “View Voucher.”
4. Click on “View Voucher” and your voucher will come up.
5. On the voucher is a barcode. Under the barcode is an eight (8) digit code. This is the code we need to process your order.

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How to redeem voucher and activate your account?

Depending if you purchased your course from Groupon or LivingSocial please find the instructions on how to submit your information in the instructions below. Once we receive your information we will redeem your voucher and manually activate your account.

How to find the Groupon voucher?

Please find the instructions on how to find your Groupon voucher here

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