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FAQ: How do I submit a license application through MiPLUS?

How do I submit a license application through MiPLUS?

Here are the steps you need to take to submit your Michigan real estate salespersons application through your MiPLUS account:
1) Log in to your MiPLUS account.
2) Click on "Licenses" at the top of the screen and then click on "Apply for a License or Submit a Request".
3) Accept the General Disclaimer.
4) Click on the arrow next to "Real Estate" and then select "Real Estate Salesperson Application".
5) Click "Select from Account" and check the box next to your address.
6) Select the county where you live.
7) Answer the questions regarding "Obtain by Method" and "Good Moral Character".
8) Click on "Add a Row" to add your education information. Add "RealEstateU" as the "Name of School", and enter in your date of completion for the course (indicated on your Course Completion Certificate).
9) Click "Add" and upload your Course Completion Certificate (required for ALL applicants), Consent to Service of Process (required for non-Michigan residents), Social Security Affidavit (required for applicants that do not have a U.S. Social Security number), and/or DD214 or DD215 (required for applicants requesting the Armed Forces Fee Waiver).
10) Review your application information and check the "I agree" box. Then click "Continue Application".
11) Pay the license fee via debit or credit card.

Click HERE for a step-by-step visual guide on how to submit your license application through MiPLUS.

Related Questions

How can my broker confirm my sponsorship through MiPLUS?

If you submitted your broker's 10-digit ID number as part of your application, your sponsoring broker should then log in to their own MiPLUS account and confirm your sponsorship. If you did not include your broker's ID number, your broker will then have to submit an Employing Broker Notification form.

Will LARA waive my license application fees if I'm a Veteran?

​Yes, LARA will waive your application fee if you served in the armed forces. To receive the waiver, you must submit a form DD214, DD215, or any other form acceptable to LARA that demonstrates you were separated from service with an honorable character of service or under honorable conditions character of service.

Does my MI license application expire?

Yes, your MI real estate license application expires one year from the date it is received by LARA. Within the one-year period, you must pass the MI state licensing exam and have a sponsoring broker confirm your employment. Otherwise, you will have to submit a new license application and pay another application fee.​

Can I apply for a MI real estate license if I don't have broker?

​Yes, you can still submit your Michigan real estate license application if you do not have a sponsoring broker; however, you will not receive a license until you have a sponsoring broker.

How much is the MI real estate license application?

Your license application fee will vary depending on when in the 3-year license cycle you are applying. The application fee may be $88, $62, or $36. The application fee is payable using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card credit card.

How do I submit a license application through MiPLUS?

First, you must log in to your MiPLUS account, and click on 'Apply for a License or Submit a Request'. Select 'Real Estate / Real Estate Salesperson Application'. Next, answer the required questions. Upload the required documentation. Pay the application fee using a debit or credit card.

How do I create a MiPLUS account?

Here are the steps to create a MiPLUS account. 1) Go to the MiPLUS website. 2) Click on "New Users: Register for an Account". 3) Select the option for an individual. 4) Create a username and password. 5) Enter the required contact information. 6) Click the 'Confirm' button and your MiPLUS account will be created.

What is MiPLUS?

MiPLUS is an acronym for the Michigan Professional Licensing User System. It is the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' (LARA) online platform used to submit a license application, transfer a real estate license between brokers, and renew a real estate license.

I just completed the 40-hour MI pre-license course, now what?

Once you complete the 40-hour pre-license course, you are now ready to submit your Michigan real estate license application through MiPLUS. Once LARA approves your license application, PSI will email you your Exam Candidate ID number, which you can use to schedule your state exam through PSI.

What are the requirements to submit a MI real estate license?

Before you can submit your MI real estate salesperson's license application, you must satisfy the following requirements: 1) You must have completed the 40-hour MI pre-license course. 2) You must be at least 18 years old. 3) You must have good moral character.

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