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FAQ: How do I get my Colorado real estate broker's license?

How do I get my Colorado real estate broker's license?

General Requirements

An applicant must be at least 18 years of age before applying for a license. Colorado has no other general requirements.

If you meet the basic qualification, you can earn a real estate associate broker's license in (6) steps.

Step 1: Complete pre-license education

Colorado offers two pathways to completing your pre-licensure education. You can earn a degree from an accredited university or college with a major course of study in real estate. Or, you can complete 168 hours of instruction from an accredited college, university, or approved Real Estate school.

If you choose to do 168 hours of instruction, you can opt for in-classroom instruction or distance learning. Online courses are the most convenient way to complete your 168 hours.

Colorado breaks down the 168 hours of instruction, requiring you to take the following amount of instructional hours covering:

  • Real Estate Law and Real Estate Practice: 48 hours
  • Colorado Real Estate Contracts: 48 hours
  • Real Estate Closings: at least 24 hours
  • Trust Accounts and Record-Keeping: at least 8 hours
  • Current Legal Issues: at least 8 hours
  • Practical Application: at least 32 hours

The pre-license course can be taken online or in-person.

The Colorado broker course will have examinations of varying lengths spaced throughout the course. A final exam will cap the entire program.

You will receive the REC-33 Course Completion Certificate immediately after passing the final exam.

You will submit a copy of the Course Completion Certificate to the Colorado Division of Real Estate as evidence you completed the required pre-license education as part of your broker application.

Step 2: Applying for the State Exam

Apply to take the Colorado state exam after completing your pre-license education.

PSI administers Colorado's Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam. Schedule your exam directly by visiting or calling 1-855-744-0313. Exam centers are located throughout the state; search the website or see the Colorado Candidate Bulletin for a list of addresses.

The exam costs $44.95. You will directly pay PSI for the exam. PSI accepts credit card, money order, company check, or cashier's check.

Bring your course completion certificate with you to the exam, along with two forms of identification. One form of identification must be government-issued.

Refer to the Colorado Candidate Bulletin for more information on examination schedules, site locations, exam security, reporting, and preparation.

Step 3: Take and Pass the State Exam

The Colorado state broker exam is divided into two sections: general and state law.

The Colorado Broker Pre-licensure Exam includes:

  1. National section of 80 questions. You must answer 60 correct to pass. The time allowed is 120 minutes.
  2. State section of 74 questions. You must answer 53 correct to pass. The time allowed is 110 minutes.

The exam includes multiple-choice questions.

You will receive a score report on-screen and emailed to you immediately upon completion of the exam. The exam report will also be reported to the Colorado Division of Real Estate.

You must pass both portions of the exam before you can apply for your license. If you fail one section, you can retake just the failed part. Your exam results are valid for (1) year; you must apply for your license within a year of passing both broker exam sections.

Step 4: Get Your Fingerprints Taken

All applicants must get their fingerprints taken and have a background check run through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation before applying for their license.

The state has three approved vendors to schedule and submit your fingerprints.

Note that the Division of Real Estate will not notify you of the receipt of your background check. It will be matched to your broker license application once you submit it.

Step 5: Acquire Errors & Omissions Insurance

Colorado requires all real estate brokers to have a current E&O policy before getting an active license. The state mandates an E&O policy for all real estate acts that require a license. You must submit proof of insurance with your broker license application. Learn more about the broker insurance requirements.

Step 6: Apply for Your License

You have one year after successfully passing both portions of the state license exam to apply for a broker's license with the Colorado Division of Real Estate. The state offers an online application for your real estate license.

In your application, you will:

  • Show proof of your education, either through the REC-33 certificate from the 168-hour course or a transcript from a major course of study in real estate.
  • Answer (4) background screening questions. If applicable, you will be asked to submit any court documentation and sworn statements regarding any positive responses.
  • Verification of any license held in any regulated profession in any other state
  • Provided detailed proof of insurance information
  • Pay the $200 broker application fee

See the full instructions for completing your broker application.

You must have an employing broker to transact real estate in the state. Once you are hired, congratulations! You are now a Colorado real estate broker.

Congratulations, you are now a licensed Colorado real estate broker!

Related Questions

How do I get my Colorado real estate broker's license?

You must complete the following steps to earn your CO Broker’s license: 1)Show proof of education, such as completing 168-Hour CO Pre-license Broker Course 2)Pass the CO broker state exam 3)Submit fingerprints for a background check 4)Obtain E&O insurance 5)Submit a broker license application with verifying paperwork

How much does it cost to get my CO broker's real estate license?

In total, it will cost as little as $882.45 to earn your Colorado real estate broker license. These costs are spread out over the entire licensing process and not paid all upfront.

How long does it take to get my CO real estate license?

Earn your CO broker license in approx. 3 months. 1) Complete the 168-hour pre-license course online: 4-8 weeks. 2) Schedule and pass the CO state exam: 1-3 weeks. 3) Submit fingerprints for a background check. 4) Purchase E&O insurance. 5) Apply for your license. A time estimate is not available.

What tests do I need to take to get my CO real estate license?

Applicants must take the Colorado pre-license broker exam, administered by PSI. If you are not applying by reciprocity, you will also take multiple tests as part of the 168-hour Pre-license Broker course. A program final exam caps this course.

Can I complete the application for a CO broker's license online?

Yes, Colorado has an online application for the broker’s license. The CDRE portal is essential for managing your license and its renewal.

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