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FAQ: How do I apply for my Colorado real estate broker license?

How do I apply for my Colorado real estate broker license?

Colorado’s Division of Real Estate uses an online application portalto apply for your initial broker license and to manage future your license needs.

In your application package, you will need to upload or send to the Division of Real Estate:

  • An official transcript from a major course of study in real estate from an accredited institution OR your form REC-33 Course Completion Certificate from the 168-hour CO Pre-License Broker Course as proof you met the completed the required education.
  • Proof of E&O insurance
  • Additional documentation for any positive responses on the screening form, like court records, sworn statements, or letters of recommendation
  • Submit to a fingerprint background check (will be matched by the CDRE)
  • Identify an employing broker

Your broker application fee will cost $200. View the full instructions regarding completing your broker application.

Related Questions

Can I apply online for the CO real estate broker license?

Yes. Colorado utilizes an online application portal to track real estate broker licensing.

How much is the CO real estate broker license application?

Your broker license application fee is $200, made payable online through the application system with a credit card.

What documents will I need to submit with my CO license application?

Include your proof of real estate education and proof of insurance. Depending on how you answer the screening questions, you may also need to submit additional supporting documents. Reciprocity candidates need to include their certified license history.

When should I file my CO license application with the Commission?

You will have up to (1) year after successfully completing the state exam to apply for your broker’s license.

Can I get a CO real estate broker license if I don't work for a broker

To work with an active license in Colorado, you need to be hired by an employing broker. You can hold an inactive license, but you won’t be able to legally transact real estate and earn a commission. Your license application will ask you to identify an employing broker.

What is the difference between an active and inactive CO license?

An active license allows you to legally work as a real estate broker, representing buyers and sellers transacting real estate. An inactive license does not allow you to work as a real estate broker and earn a commission.

How do I receive an inactive CO real estate license?

If you submit a broker license application without current E&O insurance or without identifying an employing broker, your license will be designated inactive. An active broker can also request that their license be made inactive.

How do I receive an active Colorado real estate broker license?

You need to have an employing broker, proof of current or continuous E&O insurance, and completed the background check for an active real estate license. Once the CDRE reviews the documents with your license application, it will determine if you qualify for an active license.

How do I change from an inactive to an active CO license?

When you want to move your license from inactive to active, first make sure you have addressed why it is inactive. The CDRE will want proof of education, current E&O insurance, an employing broker, and an approved background check. If you meet those requirements, go online to fill out an activation of license form.

What’s the difference between a broker- & an employing broker license?

An associate broker license enables you to represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. An independent or employing broker license allows the licensee to supervise other brokers. Having an independent broker license allows a person to act as a sole proprietor without being associated with a company.

Where can I check my broker license application status?

Colorado uses an online portal to apply and track the applications.

How do I get a paper copy of my CO real estate broker license?

You can print a copy of your Colorado broker license through the online CDRE portal. Log into your account and select the link titled “Print Your License.” Note that you will not see this option if your license is inactive or expired.

What are the requirements to apply for a CO real estate license?

You must have completed the required education, passed the state licensing exam, submitted your fingerprints for a background check, and obtained E&O insurance. You must also be at least 18 years of age. You’ll need an employing broker to get an active license.

How do I apply for my Colorado real estate broker license?

To apply, go online to the Colorado Division of Real Estate. You’ll need proof of education, proof of insurance, and potentially additional documents, depending on your application responses.

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